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Cheryl Asaro Fitness for Life June 18, 2012 Family Health History

Looking over my family health history I realized that a lot of the health issues have been

brought on by alcoholism and smoking. My aunt died from lung cancer from smoking,

my uncle died from throat cancer from smoking and my grandfather died of emphysema.

My mother was adopted so the health issues from her biological parents I am unaware of.

I did include my adoptive grandparents in my health history even though it doesn’t affect

Me by genetics.

My grandmother had high triglycerides and she died from that. My father has high

triglycerides and so do I. My father and I both take Lopid.

To prevent some cancers I chose not to smoke or drink. A lot of my family are alcoholics

So by not drinking it prevents me from becoming an alcoholic also.

I have blood work done twice a year, I had a scare with colon polyps that had some cancer

Cells so even though I am 40 I still have regular colonoscopies done. Its normally routine

After you are 50.

I chose to do research on High Triglycerides, having them myself I already know about

Them. My grandmother had extremely high triglycerides which ended up taking her

Life, my father and I both have them and are on medication to treat them.

Triglycerides are a type of fat found in your blood that your body uses for energy. You

Need some triglycerides for good but high triglycerides raises some health risks. Having

High triglycerides may also be a sign of metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is

Having high blood pressure, high blood sugar, too much fat around your waist and low

HDL. This puts you at risk for heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

If high triglycerides are a genetic condition you will see fatty deposits under your skin
These are called xanthomas. Things that can cause high triglycerides if not in your

Genes is obesity, poorly controlled diabetes, hypothyroidism, kidney disease, eating

More calories than you burn and drinking too much alcohol. Some medications cause

High triglycerides also. Staying at a healthy weight or reducing calories to lose weight

Will help lower triglycerides. Limiting carbohydrates, being more active, not smoking

Or drinking and keeping blood sugar normal will all help to lower triglycerides too.

Paternal Great Grandma Paternal Great Grandpa

1887-? 1901-?

I am unsure of the health conditions they had or what they died from or when.

Maternal Great Grandma Maternal Great Grandpa

I am unsure of their birth or death or health conditions.

Paternal Grandmother Paternal Grandfather

?-1986 ?-1999

High triglycerides Heart problems(had a pacemaker)


Alcoholic Alcoholic

Radiation and chemotherapy

Died: high triglycerides Died: cancer

Maternal Grandmother Maternal Grandfather

?-? ?-?

Diabetes Emphysema

Insulin No known medications

Died: at age 52 from a heart attack Died: at age 60 from emphysema

Mother Father

1952-still living 1952-still living

High blood pressure High triglycerides

Anal Cancer Seizures

No known medications Lopid

Uncle Aunt

?-? ?-?

Throat Cancer Lung Cancer

Chemotherapy Unaware of treatments


Smoking Smoking

Alcoholic Alcoholic

Died at age 45 from throat cancer Died from Lung cancer not sure of her age


1979-still living

No known health issues


1971-still living

Type 2 Diabetes

High Triglycerides

VonWillebrand Disease

Pre-cancerous colon

Metformin medication

Lopid medication


1962-still living

No known health problems

Daughter Daughter

1991-still living 1993- still living

Asthma VonWillebrand Disease



1995-still living

No known health problems


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