Flash Memoir Draft 2013

Cheryl Asaro

September 1, 2013

Social Justice Issue

Disabled Persons



In 1998 I became a Home Health Aide, I worked with many Elderly and Disable people. I loved


working with them. I seen a lot of sad things happen though. I seen many family members that would


associate with the disabled or elderly family member, because as they would say “they drive me crazy.”


I thought that was very sad, most of the time people said this about their parents or child. We need to


take care of these people that have given us our own lives or we have given life.


When I was growing up my grandmother had lost her leg to diabetes and she had gone blind.


People would stare and point at her. I was really young but I did not like how people acted towards her.


Kids in the neighborhood would make fun because my grandmother could not walk. We need to teach


our children to be respectful and explain about health issues so they know it is not a laughing matter. I


had a teacher in grade school that had each of us students be blindfolded and then we had to guide one


another from place to place by verbal direction. I thought that was great to learn how others who


cannot see feel.


We need to be more accepting to those with disabilities and instead of staring and making fun


we need to offer our help and comfort to them. You can learn so much from these special people,


patience is a huge thing you learn. You also learn unconditional love, you also learn to be grateful for


all you have.


Elderly abuse is huge in nursing homes and those at home. My first year I worked in a Nursing


Home, I worked with some young girls that were new CNA’s. It was sad they did not like their job, nor


the people they were responsible for taking care of. One girl was pushing one of the ladies in her wheelchair, the lady could not speak, she pushed her right into the wall. Elderly people have skin that


tears just like paper, this happened to this ladies knees. I told the CNA that she needed to report that


this accident had happened. She did not report it and I seen her do it again later. This CNA was


arrested for Elderly abuse, she not only lost her job but now has a criminal record because she just did


not care and was careless how she treated people. Another time I was visiting a patient at an Assisted


Living Center, this gentleman had diabetes and he had sores on his feet, it hurt for him to walk. He had


a walker and a wheelchair. I had told him until his feet healed he would need to use his wheelchair to


get around. The women that owned the Assisted Living Center told this gentleman that he would have


to walk to the dining room or he could not eat dinner. Needless to say she no longer owns the Assisted


Living Center. There are problems like this everywhere, so much abuse happens with the Elderly and

Disabled. There is a man that has lived in the town where I grew up since he was born, he has a lot of


disabilities, he has had a job as a dishwasher and everyone knows and loves him. A few years back


some High School Students beat him up so bad he was in ICU and almost died. All because “he


bugged” them. What is happening to our society that innocent people who cannot fend for themselves


are treated like this?



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