Flash Memoir Draft

Liberty and Justice for all, this does include homosexuals.
I remember being at my 5 year class reunion and a girl I had graduated with and a girl just
younger than me walked in together holding hands. So many people made a lot of rude
comments and some would not even allow them to sit by them. They ended up sitting alone. I
remember thinking we never treated them like that in high school so why as grown adults would
we treat them different now. The girl my age was always pretty masculine and very athletic in
high school, but no one condemned her then. As many of my fellow classmates talked, some
talked of her having a mental illness. I decided I would research that. What I found was that,
homosexuals had a higher rate of depression, anxiety and substance abuse than a hetrosexual.
These studies also showed that their peers treated them with disrespect and cruelty.
As I look at todays studies, I find the same 20 years later, people are condemned for their
sexual orientation which leads to depression.
Sexual orientation cannot be treated by medication or therapy although depression and anxiety
can be. During my lifetime I have spoke to, been friends with, been neighbors of, had co-
workers and employees that are homosexual. These people have all been very friendly, non-
judgemental and very fun to be around. I may not agree with their lifestyle, I may think it is sort
of weird to like someone of the same sex, but that is my opinion. I believe we should all be
treated the same just like the Pledge of Allegience says, “Liberty and Justice for all.”
Research suggests that the homosexual orientation is in place very early in the life cycle,
possibly even before birth.
~ Taken from the American Psychological Association Statement on Sexual Orientation, July, 1994.


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