Customer Service

It is important to really listen and not interrupt anyone when communicating. We usually interrupt

people because we get impatient and we cut them off and end up finishing their sentences. This is not listening.

If this is how you are with your customers you may just lose a customer.

If a customer has a question about a product, for example they want to know how something works. We need

to find out what they specifically want to know. If we just start talking we may overload them with information

they don’t want to know about or not even know what they really wanted to know.

When you are listening to a customer and you need clarification about something, wait until they are finished

speaking or until they pause for a response. If we interrupt our customers we could lose a sale, a customer or

many customers. If we don’t lose them we could receive complaints about our customer service.


Reviewing the Facts


When using a gatekeeper messages get twisted and you may not get the correct message. We need to minimize

on gatekeepers. Making a clear policy on who handles different types of situations will free up this problem.

Manager so and so takes care of all broken items, manager so and so takes care of things not fitting correctly

and so forth. This way we meet our customers needs and provide good customer service.


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