Self reflection for Communications Class

This semester in Communications 1010 I have learned a lot about interviewing. Communicating at work is more than just about after you are hired. This class has taught how to get that job, how to interview and be an interviewee. It was interesting to find out what is a legal and an illegal question to ask or be asked.   After you are hired this class teaches how to communicate with co workers. I also learned about speech delivery and team work. I learned more about myself, things I need to work on, how to help with anxiety when giving a speech.

The most important things I learned about was how important teamwork is. We had to work in groups to solve a problem. My group was not able to meet in person, we had to Skype. I learned that it is very easy to blow off teammates if you do not meet in person. It is easy to come up with a reason or an excuse to not attend when you do not have to talk to those teammates face to face. It is very difficult to coordinate six people who have six different things going on. I found you need to give 100% or things do not work out you would like to. If one teammate does not do their job it makes everyone elses job more difficult. I think this was my biggest learning experience since I started back to school.


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