Career Project

Career Research Interview Project Part 1

Cheryl Asaro

Salt Lake Community College

Communication 1010

January 23, 2013


Document 1: Interview Schedule

Background Information

My Interviewee

I am planning to interview Cameron Dubina. She works at David’s Bridal as a Bridal Consultant

in Phoenix, Arizona. She also has a wedding planning business on the side. I will be interviewing

her about the Wedding Planning business.

I will interview Cameron at Einsteins. She asked if I could meet her for breakfast there because

she has some other appointments and this would be more convenient for her.

I chose to interview someone about the wedding planning business just because I have been

interested in it for years. I have assisted with planning weddings at a couple of different wedding

venue sites. I have helped with setting up, decorating and taking them down also. The reason I

chose Cameron was because I am presently in Arizona visiting my daughter and her family and I

told her about the assignment.  She works with Cameron at David’s Bridal and told me about her

side business. I think it would be something to do on the side and was interested on her in sights.


Career Research

I looked online about becoming a wedding planner. It seems like fun but very stressful also. In

the past when I have assisted with weddings I have found the same. In my research every website

and blog talked about having good organizational skills. I found there are a few associations that

offer wedding planning courses and certificates. If you get a higher education of course your

salary increases. A lot of wedding planners do not even have a associates degree, they have

become Wedding Planners just through experience and volunteer work.  With a degree or

certificate many people trust you more. With a Bachelors Degree in Hospitality or Marketing

you can charge more because you know more or at least people assume you do. Some of

a Wedding Planners job duties include the following: booking venues, ordering flowers,

choosing caterers, hiring entertainment, finding a photographer and offering other wedding


The average wedding planners annual salary in Utah is $43,930.00. This is a very successful

business. I was actually quite surprised at that number. So many people just do weddings

on their own I really didn’t think that salary would be so high.

I looked at numerous wedding planning websites, some wedding planners charge you to find

the best prices for items but let you do all the ”planning”. On the Perfect Wedding Planner

website their mission statement says, “From the moment you say yes….to the moment you say I

do…And beyond…..we’ve got you covered”.  This company is located in Woodbury, New York.


Interview Schedule


Hi Cami, I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to help me out. As I mentioned the

Purpose of my interview today is to learn about your wedding planning business. I have been

Interested in wedding planning for years and have done a little bit, this is an assignment I have

for my communications class as well. My questions are going to be about how and why you

became a wedding planner, what exactly you do and the skills you should have.

I am going to be taking some notes while we talk but this shouldn’t take longer than a half hour.

Are you ready to begin?


Becoming a Wedding Planner

1-How and why did you choose this career? (Primary, Open)

Did you do any volunteer work in this area? (Secondary, closed)

Did you go to school for this? (Secondary, Closed)

Did you get requests to plan weddings? (Secondary, Closed)

2-How do you advertise your business? (Primary, Open)

Do you get a lot of business by word of mouth? (Secondary, Closed)

3-How many weddings do you plan a month? (Primary, Closed)

Are there months that you plan more weddings than other months of the year? (Secondary, Closed)

Is there months when you have not had any weddings to plan? (Secondary, Closed)


A day of Wedding Planning

1-What does your job consist of? (Primary,Open)

Do you hire others to decorate or do you do it all yourself? (Secondary, Open)

2-What is the best part of your job? (Primary, Open)

Do you enjoy meeting with brides? (Secondary, Closed)

3-What is the worst part of your job? (Primary, Open)

Is there any part you just don’t enjoy?  (Secondary, Closed)


The ins and out of this career

1-What would your best advice be to someone who wanted to be a wedding planner? (Primary, Open)

2-What do you know now that you didn’t know when you started this career?(Primary, Open)

Is it more time and work than its worth? (Secondary, Open)

3-What is the outlook of this career? (Primary, Open)

Is there to many people doing wedding planning? (Secondary, closed)

Does the pay sustain your family? (Secondary, Closed)

4-What skills would you say are the most important to have? (Primary, Open)


Clearinghouse Questions

1-Is there any other interesting things you would like to share about your career? (Primary, Open)

2-What other facts would be good to know about being a wedding planner? (Primary, Open)



That is all the questions I have. I really appreciate all your time and information you have

helped me with today.  I really enjoyed hearing about your career. As part of my assignment I

also need you to feel out a survey to send to my Professor. It shouldn’t take to long, I have

enclosed a self -addressed envelope with a stamp so you can just toss it in the mail box when you

are done. This is how I get my grade too! Thanks again, it was fun visiting with you.







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