Career Project 2

Career Research Interview Project Part 2

Cheryl Asaro

Salt Lake Community College

Communications 1010

February 4, 2013

Interview Outline

Becoming a Wedding Planner

1-How and why did you choose this career? (Primary, Open)

Did you do any volunteer work in this area? (Secondary, closed)

Did you go to school for this? (Secondary, Closed)

Did you get requests to plan weddings? (Secondary, Closed)

2-How do you advertise your business? (Primary, Open)

Do you get a lot of business by word of mouth? (Secondary, Closed)

3-How many weddings do you plan a month? (Primary, Closed)

Are there months that you plan more weddings than other months of the year? (Secondary, Closed)

Is there months when you have not had any weddings to plan? (Secondary, Closed)

A day of Wedding Planning

1-What does your job consist of? (Primary,Open)

Do you hire others to decorate or do you do it all yourself? (Secondary, Open)

2-What is the best part of your job? (Primary, Open)

Do you enjoy meeting with brides? (Secondary, Closed)

3-What is the worst part of your job? (Primary, Open)

Is there any part you just don’t enjoy?  (Secondary, Closed)

The ins and out of this career

1-What would your best advice be to someone who wanted to be a wedding planner? (Primary, Open)

2-What do you know now that you didn’t know when you started this career?(Primary, Open)

Is it more time and work than its worth? (Secondary, Open)

3-What is the outlook of this career? (Primary, Open)

Is there to many people doing wedding planning? (Secondary, closed)

Does the pay sustain your family? (Secondary, Closed)

4-What skills would you say are the most important to have? (Primary, Open)

Clearinghouse Questions

1-Is there any other interesting things you would like to share about your career? (Primary, Open)

2-What other facts would be good to know about being a wedding planner? (Primary, Open)

My Analysis Memo

I interviewed Cameron “Cammi” Dubina, she is a Wedding Planner in Phoenix, Arizona. Her company is called Plan Simplicity. I actually decided wedding planning is not for me. It seems like a lot of stress and at my age more than it is worth.

The following memo summarizes the information I received from Cammi during my interview with her.

Becoming a Wedding Planner

Cammi told me she has loved weddings since she was a little girl. This is why she decided to become a wedding planner. She went to Sheffield Wedding Planning, this is a school based in New York. She did the distance learning classes by video, audio and assignments online.

She attends all the Bridal Shows in the Phoenix, Arizona area, this is how she gets some of her business. She also has a website, and has a wedding wire that she gets business from too. She said most of her business is by word of mouth though. Two of the weddings she is doing this year she is donating her time to get her “name out there”.

Normally Cammi does one to two weddings a month. This year she only has 5 booked so far. She will only do one wedding each weekend, she said this is so she can focus on that one couple. She has been doing weddings for a little over a year and October is the busiest month of the year. In Phoenix this is when it is not too hot or too rainy.

A day of wedding planning

Cammi does the entire wedding, she plans it, she sets up appointments with vendors, meets with vendors, she sets up and cleans up. On occasion her husband will help her set up and clean up. She said there is usually between three and ten vendors for each wedding depending on the needs and wants of her couples. She helps couples find everything from venues to the flowers. She said on the day of the wedding she puts in at least ten hours, sometimes sixteen. The best part of her job is seeing the outcome, all the planning has paid off. She said her slogan is to make her couples “be a guest at your own wedding”. The worst part is the long hours but again the outcome makes it worth it.

The ins and outs of this career

The best advice Cammi has for anyone wanting to become a wedding planner is to go to school. She told me there is so much you need to know and you can’t possibly learn it all unless you go to school and then you still have a lot to learn.  She said the one thing she didn’t realize was all the time and energy that goes into planning a wedding. She loves her career and hopes that her business will get larger so she can hire extra people. She works 30 to 40 hours per week as a wedding planner. She also works full time at Davids Bridal as a Bridal Consultant. There is over 100 wedding planners in the Phoenix area and most have not gone to school. They planned their wedding and decide they want to plan everyone elses too. She said wedding planners do make good money. The most important skills needed to be a wedding planner is communication, customer service and organization.

Analysis of my Interview

I went through each of my questions as I outlined in my assignment, I did use all of my secondary questions also. Cammi was not real talkative so I was glad to have so many secondary questions to ask. It was fun getting to know about her and her business.

I definitely can use more practice interviewing but I felt pretty good about the answers I got from her.

Thank You Letter

Cheryl Asaro


Ms. Cammi Dubina


Dear Cammi,

Thanks again for letting me interview you about your career. I really appreciated the time you made for me. I am really impressed with how hard you work at both your jobs and still have time for yourself.

I never realized the work (the hours) that it takes. You gave me a lot of useful information. I checked out your website, I loved it.

You helped me a lot with my assignment for my Communications class also, I do appreciate that too.

Good Luck in all your wedding planning!


Cheryl Ann Asaro


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