Notebook Activities

Notebook Activity 1

On Homosexuality and homophobics. Why is homosexuality even an issue? Why do some people assume if you are a homosexual that you are a bad person or not worthy of having a good job. Assumptions people make about homosexuals are quite far fetched.

Notebook Activity 2

This is what I posted on Facebook, different scientists have said that a combination of genetic, hormonal, and environmental influences factor into the cause of sexual orientation. The replys I recieved were from a mother of a daughter who is gay, a friend who is bi-sexual and another girl who just had an opinion. The mother said this, ” My oldest daughter is gay! I am more than happy that we finally have equality in Utah! I’ve always felt that the way gays are treated reminds me of how blacks were treated long ago! Neither of the horrible behaviors were right or fair! So happy the tides are turning for gay rights! Just my opinion and happy to state it  we all have the same blood pumping through our hearts!”

My bi-sexual friend said this, ” I believe you are born with a genetic map of your life that makes you are who you are. no one chooses to be gay you’re born that way and being gay is awesome!” 

The other girl privately messaged me, she said this, 

“I’d love to give my opinion I just wanted to personal message you so I don’t offend any of your friends or cause arguments, but I personally believe everyone is born the way they are. Situations in life defiantly influence who you are, but who you are is who you are. Gay or straight it’s just you. If your hormones and what not make you gay, then your gay. If your straight, your straight. Society defiantly needs to stop telling people who they feel they are, is bad.”
 gay-awesome-society-happy-equality-genetic map-Utah

Notebook Activity 3

I spoke to a guy at work about this writing project. I told him I was writing about homosexuality. I told him of the story of my High School Reunion and the reactions people had there. I didn’t leave out any parts, I told him about the research I did and what I had read on Mental Illness and Homosexuals. I am choosing him for my interview for my profile. He is very open and honest about being a homosexual. I did not leave any of the story or my writing out, I wanted him to be able to understand where I was going with this project.

Notebook Activity 4

I talked to some friends about my writing project and that I had decided to write about homosexuality. I feel like the most important part is getting a real view from someone who is homosexual and has dealt with the positive and negative. I told my friends about the person I chose to interview and write about because I felt that was an important part. I did not feel I need to leave any part out. I have permission from the person I am writing about to discuss the topic and his feelings and answers to my questions. I feel the entire story is important, from the person I interviewed to the information I gathered from different sources about homosexuality and how some people have considered it to be a mental illness.

Notebook Activities 5

I spoke to a boy,  he is my daughters best friend. He just recently told people he is gay.

These are the questions I asked and his responses. How did you tell your parents about your sexual

orientation? “I was really scared and I had my best friend go with me. My mom cried and  she told me

she loved me.” How did your parents respond? Being LDS he told me his parents were a bit concerned,

because he had served a mission.  This young man said he did not feel sexual thoughts about them, just

that he found men attractive, more so than the girls. He told me he had never acted on his feelings or

told anyone of his feelings until a few months ago. He is 24 years old and has never told anyone.

How did you tell your friends about your sexual orientation? “All of my friends have accepted me, that’s

how I know they are really my friends.”  How did your friends respond? “Most of them told me they

loved me no matter what.” “A few acted like they had always known and it wasn’t anything new.”

When did you realize you were gay? Chase told me in High School he enjoyed decorating, crafts, cooking

and “more feminine” things. On his mission he said he felt attracted to some of his companions, but “I

would never have told them or done anything inappropriate.”

What negative things have happened to you because of your feelings? “I have not had anything negative

happen.” He has talked to people at his church about things and they have told him as long as he is not

“acting” on his feelings there is no need for him to worry about his standing in the church.

Notebook 6

What I know

I know there are many wonderful individuals that are gay. Being gay does not change what kind of person you are. I know being gay is not a choice.

What I don’t know

I did not realize there are so many resources to help people that are struggling with how they are treated because of their sexual orientation.

Notebook Activities 7

Why can’t people just accept me for who I am?

Aren’t we taught to love everyone?

Why does the state get to decide whom I marry?

Why am I an outcast because I am gay?

When will the fight to be treated equal end?

Am I really mentally ill?

Why do people treat me badly?

Why can’t we all just get along?


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